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Interactive Metronome (IM) is a computer-based program aimed at improving motor and process skills needed to perform everyday activities. Training involves performing a variety of different exercises that involve clapping or tapping to the beat of a metronome at a set tempo. The client receives continuous visual and auditory feedback in real-time regarding whether they are clapping too fast, too slow, or just right. This feedback allows for movements to be modified and adjusted accordingly, therefore training overall timing, rhythmicity, and sensory processing needed for motor coordination and planning.

Over time, exercises may be graded up by increasing the duration, changing the tempo, or incorporating other

challenges to facilitate other areas of performance such as sustained attention, response control, sequencing, and ability 

to shift attention.

Clients Who Can Benefit From IM

IM has been shown to help with the following:



Auditory Processing Disorder

Cerebral Palsy

Development Delays


Learning Disabilities


Brain Injury




Athletic Enhancement

Academic Improvement

Overall Wellness