Speech Therapy


We now offer speech therapy services using computer technology

to link therapists to distant patients for assessment and intervention.

  • Patients must reside in the state of Georgia.

  • Patients who reside in the state of Texas will be eligible for this service starting in early 2019.

  • Available for those with Articulation Disorder, Autism, Fluency Disorders, Language and Cognitive Delays,

       Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and Voice Disorders.

  • Must have a computer with microphone and internet.

  • Patients can participate in therapy sessions on computers located in their home, caregiver’s home, a library private room, etc.

  • We offer school-based services too!

  • This service delivery model is researched based and has proven to be successful.

  • Our therapists are trained and have specialized knowledge and skills in selecting evaluations and interventions

       to be delivered via technology.